As NYC’s premier security services company, the team at Global Security strives to provide clients with the highest level of threat deterrence and security services available today. Fully licensed and insured by New York State, the team at Global goes through rigorous training in all aspects of conflict resolution and threat deterrence and we strive to tackle each and every issue in the most efficient way possible and maintain the safety of all individuals and property on the premises at all times.

At Global, our security professionals go through extensive training and can provide both armed and unarmed security services, protecting your place of business, no matter what the situation calls for!

Security Services to Fit Your Needs
With each business, property, or event has its own specific security needs, and a list of possible threats, you may require security professionals to wear certain attire or dress in accordance with event staff – the team at Global is here to accommodate! Our security professionals can provide services in uniform, suits, or plain clothes – as needed for the situation.

Uniformed Security

Whether it’s a movie theater, retail store, concert venue, parking lot, or elsewhere, having a uniformed security guard can be a vital help to your business and ensure the safety and overall well-being of you as well as your patrons. Being in uniform ensures that individuals know exactly where to seek help in the event of an emergency, or who to check in with when seeking access to protected spaces.

Suit & Tie Security

With events and galas happening every week in NYC, ensuring the safety and security of your guests and patrons is an absolute must! And having uniformed guards can often throw off the look and overall aesthetics of your event or gathering, that’s why at Global we offer suit & tie security guard services as well. Suit & tie security personnel are perfect for:

  • Movie Premieres
  • Black-Tie Events/Dinners
  • Celebrity Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings & Galas
  • Personal Parties
  • And Much More!

Plainclothes Security

Sometimes it’s important for security professionals to blend in to the crowd and avoid being seen by threats. This is why plainclothes security can become a vital service for your retail store or event. Whether you are looking to catch shoplifters, or perform crowd control at a concert Global Security, we offer plainclothes security services for things like:

  • Concerts & Performances
  • Outdoor Events
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • And Much More!

For more information on any of our security services in NYC, be sure to contact Global Security today.