As NYC’s premier security services company, the team at Global Security believes in keeping our clients informed about all security risks, threats and incidents. That’s why we provide recurring logs and incident reports to all clients. The fact is that threats are always changing and can come about from any angle, and you need to be prepared for when they do.

Why Keep Security Logs & Incident Reports?

While no two threats are the same, the fact is that identifying patterns and common occurrences to any business or property can help you to better prepare yourself for future threats and issues, long before they arise.

Plus, depending on the situation, having a detailed log and report for events and incidents keeps you from being liable to certain issues and problems in the future – especially when there might be a need to file a claim, or contact law enforcement.

Weekly or Monthly Security Logs & Reporting

At Global Security, we combined our years of hands-on security & law enforcement experience, with the latest innovations in security technology to provide clients with detailed security logs and incident reports on a weekly or monthly basis – as needed.

This not only ensures that our clients are fully aware of any and all possible issues and incidents that might have occurred in the past, but they can better prepare, and plan, to deter, and avoid, future threats or problems – long before they arise!

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Fully licensed and insured by New York State, the team at Global goes through rigorous training in all aspects of conflict resolution and threat deterrence and we strive to tackle each and every issue in the most efficient way possible, and maintain the safety of all individuals and property on the premises at all times. Our guards are equipped to provide both armed and unarmed security services, protecting your place of business, no matter what the situation calls for! For more information on security logging, incident reporting, or any of our other services, be sure to contact Global Security today.