As NYC’s premier security services company, the team at Global Security strives to provide clients with the highest level of threat deterrence and security services available today. One of the most important aspects of security and threat deterrence is tracking and monitoring. Maintaining daily logs and collecting data on security operations can not only improve efficiency but allows us to be proactive, create a plan and deter threats long before they occur.

That’s why at Global Security, we use the latest in TrackTik security software.

Real-Time Security Tracking & Logs

TrackTik is a comprehensive security workforce management software that allows our team to efficiently manage security personnel and monitor their performance in real-time.

Improve Security Over Time with Data Monitoring
At Global, we strive to help you improve your security over time. TrackTik allows us to monitor the movements of your security workforce throughout the length of the shift, and keeps logs of movement patterns so we can get a full picture of your property, with vital data to back it up and improve security over time!

How Can TrackTik Help?

TrackTik software offers a range of features to help our team at Global Security monitor and improve overall operations, including

  • GPS Tracking: TrackTik uses GPS technology to track the location of security personnel, giving managers real-time visibility of their team’s movements.
  • Incident Reporting: Security personnel can report incidents and generate reports using the TrackTik mobile app, allowing managers to quickly respond to incidents and take appropriate action.
  • Time and Attendance: TrackTik offers time and attendance tracking, allowing managers to monitor employee attendance, hours worked, and overtime.
  • Post Orders and Checkpoints: Security personnel can access post orders and checkpoints using the TrackTik mobile app, ensuring that they are aware of their duties and can complete their tasks efficiently.
  • Communication: TrackTik offers a communication platform that allows security personnel to communicate with each other and with management in real-time, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.
  • Training and Certification Management: TrackTik even allows managers to track employee training and certifications, ensuring that security personnel are properly trained and certified for specific roles or duties.

TrackTik also offers a range of integrations, including access control systems that allow you to manage security operations from a single platform. TrackTik is an efficient and effective tool for security companies looking to streamline their operations and improve overall performance. By providing real-time visibility and management of security personnel, TrackTik enables the team at Global to provide the best overall threat deterrence and security services to the public and beneficial data and information for our clients.

For more information on armed and unarmed security services in NYC, or to learn more about our security data monitoring, and tracking with TrackTik, be sure to contact Global Security today.